My mandalas are the hallmark of my work. This Geometric expression was the inspiration that
started me on this creative path. They are my true Masterpieces.

Most of my Mandalas are large pieces which start around 7 ft x 8 ft in size.  They are excellent for tall wall hangings, on ceilings or as backdrops. 

These designs are what makes this technique so unique and unusual. Creating these beautiful art pieces takes hours of precision folding and tying.  It is a tedious labor of love on all levels.

Many people frame them and back light them.  Some hang them on the ceiling in a frame or use them for curtains around windows or door ways. 

Framing instructions are included with your purchase. Reserved pieces may be negotiated.

We ship from British Columbia, Canada through Canada Post using expedited mail.  It can take up to ten days to receive a package but typically it gets there within 7 days. For pieces which are $1000 or more there is no shipping costs if shipped in Canada or The United States. If it is going to Asia or Europe there will be shipping costs incurred.