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Men's Original Courtenay TIe Dye Shirts

I specialize in 'one of a kind' Tie Dye Shirts.  No two are ever a like.  Each shirt is an  'Original Courtenay Tie Dye' Art piece.  


Tie dye shirts are a fun way to add personal expression and vivid color to your life. Courtenay Tye Dye Shirts are versatile, they can be worn casually or dressed up. The 'look' of mixing colorful tie dye has become a fashion trend over the years.  


I have recently been experimenting with reverse dye using bleach. Check out my Sepia, Amethyst and Rose series for my newest creations.


My shirts come in a number of different sizes  S (small)  M (medium)  L (large)  XL (extra large)               2XL (  double extra big)  

Shirts are 100% cotton and some are organic cotton-  there are a few with a stretch fit with                           5% spandex ( they will be marked)


When ordering through my site you will be charged a $15 flat shipping and handling rate from Canada. If you are ordering from Asia or Europe there will be additional costs.


Thanks for supporting the Tie Dye Arts-

Joy and Light,