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About Courtenay Tie Dye


I have developed a one of a kind tie dye  style and technique that is like an origami on cloth.  I call this original style,  'Fabric Fractal Art' or  'Geometriart'.  This type  of tie dye art design  is different  and unique among the other tie-dye methods I have seen, even though there are many fabulous tie dye artists on the scene today. (my method on tie dye shirts below)

Tie dye is experiencing a renaissance in the fashion world. Especially well designed ‘art’ that is symmetrical with harmonious colors. Creative tie dye art is making a comeback and it is not too difficult to create your own if you are a bit ‘artsy’.

I have been Tie dyeing since the late 60’s and created my own method during that Psychedelic era My work has become a part of tie dye history, Of course, I was not the original Tie dye artist by any means!
The earliest tie-dye techniques can be traced back to China as well as in Shibori from Japan. Shibori: Japanese tie-dye (and stitch-dye, fold-dye, and pole wrap-dye) Although this technique has evolved and changed over time, the rudimentary principle of tying and dyeing fabric to create unique and one-of-a-kind patterns, remains the same.
Also a Malay-Indonesian tie dye technique known as 'Plangi' is a very old art form. The technique involves a design made of dots, in which many small points are tied with thread before immersion dyeing.
I have heard that tie dye first showed up in America during the ‘roaring 20's’ However, tie dye as we know it may have really come in to style during psychedelic '60s where vibrant colors and a free spirit were combined to help create the fun and whimsical clothing we wore back then as hippies, however, today it can be high fashion and art at it’s finest. My tie dye instructions can be applied to any style you choose, Using more subtle color can give a more high fashion appeal.
One can revisit this enjoyable art and make attractive, colorful clothing or accessories that are tie dyed.  Ttry teaching kids the basics of tie dyeing by starting with a plain white T-shirt. There are many other tie dye instructions on the internet so try a few different methods and get familiar with all the variables in this process of coming up with your own expression of the Dye!


My method is a  dye on fabric technique  using a geometric folding technique which I innovated in 1968.   This creates  a style of origami tie dye of the Fine Art caliber. I started with making full blown Mandalas and backdrops, but eventually got popular for my tie dye shirts as well.


Since the late 1960's  I have been creating art  on fabric using this  innovative geometric folding technique.  While my pieces of the recent era seem to be in a class beyond time.

I am widely known for the many Tie dye T-shirts,  Mandalas, speaker fronts and backdrops I created for ' The Grateful Dead'  and became most remembered  for my stage pieces.

Today I bring that same magic to  my work that represented the psychedelic art of the 60’s and 70’s and now merged with new age visual expression.



Courtenay Pollock - 604-485-4607