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Courtenay's Clothesline

I specialize in 'One of a kind' Tie Dye Shirts.  No two are ever alike.  Each shirt is an  'Original Courtenay' Art piece. 

I hope you get lots of enjoyment in wearing these unique designs.


Tie dye shirts are a fun way to add personal expression and vivid color to your life.   Courtenay Shirts  are great  to wear with jeans or dressed up  for work. The 'look' of mixing colorful tie dye  has become a  fashion trend mixed and matched with  dress pants, or nice jeans, sweaters, wraps, and even skirts. (for women that is...:) 


  $15 flat rate  shipping and handling from Canada to the USA and with in Canada. Overseas shipping would require addition costs.

   S (small)  M (medium)  L (large)  XL (extra large) 2XL (  double extra big)  


Shirts are 100% cotton and some are organic cotton-  there are a few with a stretch fit with 5% spandex ( they will be marked)


Thanks for supporting the Tie Dye Arts-

Joy and Light,