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More about Courtenay Tie Dye and the greatful dead

Greatful Dead Days

In the early days the Grateful Dead experience was all about the magic and the consciousness of a new era. I was fortunate to come unto the scene in those magical times, and can now share a part in Rock History...

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Large Mandalas. The Story

My first ever commission back in 1969 was to create a Mandala for a meditation/yoga room at a boutique in New York. I had just developed my unique tie dye method using geometric folding and dipping in hot water aniline base dyes...

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My Work as Origami Fractal Art

I have spent years trying to explain what I do. The best description I feel is Tie dye Origami Fractal Art. I have called it 'Geometriart' as well, a name I came up with to describe it...

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