2010 Furthur stage backdrop by Courtenay Pollock

I visited with Bob Weir when he was playing the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver with Furthur. We hadn’t met up in several years and it was refreshing to see how well he was performing and keeping himself fit. We used to run Mount Tamalpais together when he was home from touring and we both maintained a strong yoga practice which held us in good stead across the years.

We talked about a new stage backdrop to tour with Furthur at a future time. We kept in touch over the following year and he invited me to meet with him in Toronto when he would be back in Canada to headline at a music festival there.

After the performance I visited briefly with Phil Lesh when he came offstage and then Weir and I went to his guest room for a glass of wine. We confirmed a plan to have a big backdrop for the Furthur Fall tour 2010.

The tour was a big success that culminated with a New Years Eve gig at Madison Square Gardens.

The backdrop was subsequently acquired by Tim Duncan of Silver Oak Vineyards in Napa Valley for display there.

It is the only big stage backdrop I made that remains intact.

Photos by Matt Robertson







  • It looks amazing! You do such beautiful work :)

    John Flynn
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  • vwBhaROl

  • I’ll bet the lighting director was thrilled to have such a vibrant backdrop to work with! The combination of “grate” music and… “mental enhancements” with a moving-colours visual like this~ tripper paradise! What a huge project, Courtenay, you are the Tzar of Tyedye!

  • Thanks for sharing this story!


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