The Long Strange Golden Road by Courtenay Pollock - Chapter 6

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My first recording session with the Grateful Dead was in 1971 during which the band was creating the track that became known as ‘Warf Rat’.

I was so high on life and I didn’t realize what my vibe was influencing. 

The takes from the floor were so good and inspirational and spontaneous. OMG ! such a great classic in the making.

Bobby Weir composing such original rhythm riffs for everyone to play off. A true impresario.

Garcia conjoining with his extraordinary guitar soaring and Jerry singing his Pathos, 

Phil Lesh underscoring the foundation with his six string improvisations. A first in lead base. Classical training. Oh yeah!

 Bill Kreutsman Laying down his heartbeat synchronizations and driving the beat. 

Keyboard and piano so sublime. 

Such a woven matrix of sound made finite by intervals of silence.

After the take Jerry came to me in such high spirits and asked ‘ What shall we call it “. I was so taken aback that all I could say was “A Round and Around”. 

He chuckled in his wonderful fashion and gave me a hug. Bless his cosmic soul.  He writes the vocabulary of our galaxy. An invaluable contribution to the world stage. Alive and well through millions of dedicated people.

Such a fantastic musical team for the ages.

I am so continually heartened by the ever increasing numbers of musicians carrying on the mantle of G.D. Three generations and more celebrating improvisational music pioneered by the Greats in Jazz / blues / rock and the true originals ‘The Grateful Dead’.

I was so fortunate to be there for that session. During those early days I had the great good fortune to be part of the creation. All the band members were my brothers and family which included all the wonderful people that worked to produce the music and the business of the music.

We understood that it was the audience, the fans, that made it all possible.

My small contribution was my blessing from the universe to bring to the stage. I have been so very fortunate. 

In my solitude I continue to create unique art to offer to all people. I love doing what I do and am inspired by the feedback I get from the people who support my endeavours.

Also, of course, we are still being entertained by the original band members now into their 70’s. 

We should all do our best to keep up with these Titans that continue to ‘keep on keeping on’.

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