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Tie Dye Designs for Interior Decor

You might have seen that tie dye designs in fashion are back in the stores. Have you also noticed how it has also entered the interior design realm as well?

Interior design usually follows fashion in terms of colour and direction and we are seeing signs of this resurgence of the latest Tie dye in fashion trends these past few years.

Tie dye has entered the interior design realm in full force and could be here to stay. Far from the far out, summer of love, traditional tie dye trend, the new tie dye is all about modern colourful in-vogue style.

Tie dye can add that fabulous bit of colour in a monochromatic space.At the same time, you do not want to forget that the tie dye designs do not have to dominate the space. So while a great deal of the pieces are flashy, we can create one for you that combines colours that are more muted and the designs less aggressive.

You can even combine different versions of the tie dye art to create sort of mix and match effect that invokes a sense of beauty and well being.

Or a highlighted Mandala in just the right location. Some clients use them as drapes or curtains or framed with a light behind them. 

Adding a tie dye art piece to the walls will lend the room a pleasant contrast that is soothing, meditative and inspiring. These pieces make great wall art and wall decor.

Another tip to keep in mind the style of the room the tie dye design is going to be hung up in. If you want to do a living room or office in this splashy style, that's probably going to work beautifully. But if you want to do, say, a kitchen, that might not be so effective. It is all about good taste after all.

Far from the far out, summer of love, traditional tie dye trend, the new tie dye designs are all about modern colourful in-vogue style.

Or you might want to think about hanging a tie dye design tapestry tastefully on one wall of a room as to not overpower the place. Try placing a framed piece on a ceiling with a backlight.

Think of a bedroom with a smaller wall decorated with one framed fabulous piece. Then paint the rest of the walls in the room in a coordinating pastel to offset the louder aspects of the bright dancing colours.

Or to do it all the way, as some clients have done, wallpaper the entire room in Courtenay Tie Dye!

You can not go wrong with colour and light for timeless wall art.

When it comes to decorating your home or commercial space with tie dye, you want to be sure that you keep in mind a few key rules about decorating. First, you want to aim for a strong sense of balance. Tie dye can create a very vivid visual effect. Think of the swirling designs and the primary colours and find the right placing to give it the best showcasing with the ideal harmony and light.

An entire wall might be absolutely spectacular covered with a big mural-sized tie dye from The Courtenay Tie Dye Designs Collection.

If you feel tempted to dismiss using tie dye for home decor, remember that it enjoys an important cultural role in U.S. history. Adding a touch to your home might be totally trendy and modern design choice! "I feel we are on the cutting edge and going to be ahead of the fashion forward curve in using Tie dye in high end interior design", says Courtenay Pollock who started his tie dye business in the late 60's when tie dye was common, hip, and in fashion.

"Our intention is to bring Tie dye designs back with a splash as shown in my new wall hangings collection." Who knows, maybe the trend will catch the fashion wave. I think even if it's in a pattern, like the picture below, it is a cool wave to ride. Fashion trends are predicting spring 2013 to be a tie dye season.