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These pages are specifically for the enthusiast of the good ole days of the sixties and seventies.

My Mandala Review section is all about the consciousness of tie dye art and the history of the era in which it all sprang.

Join us here in sharing the magic and the consciousness created from the energy of those beginning days of tie dye, flower power, freedom, pot, God, peace and love. That Renaissance of purity and naive expectation of wonder that arose in people of the early hippie era. Days of the Grateful Dead, the music, the band, the fans and family and all we loved about those amazing times of free love, earth people and tie dye.

The Mandala is the circle of Life. The 'wheel' of worlds within worlds. It is an ancient art form, which is part of the art of so many traditions, including Buddhism, Hinduism and Native American art. The Mandala is a graphic interpretation of the cosmos, a symbolic representation of the entire Universe. This is what I envision for these pages. A place to bring together our cosmic colorful circle of family and friends.

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Thank you for your participation in this part of my art history!